Who we are

We are Unic Sol, where innovation knows no boundaries!

About Unic Sol

We are where innovative ideas become reality

Unic Sol, founded in 2015, is a visionary software product development company which holds a robust portfolio of advanced software solutions. As the innovators of flagship products driving transformation across various industries and sectors, we are dedicated to coming up with new ideas and helping businesses all over the world by creating digital experiences that bring about significant changes and improvements. Our unwavering focus lies in conceptualizing novel ideas and crafting digital experiences that catalyze profound transformations and enhancements, catering to the evolving needs of enterprises worldwide. At Unic Sol, we strive to push the boundaries of technology to foster growth, efficiency, and excellence for our valued clientele.

  • High-performing team
  • Innovation-driven
  • Industry game-changers
  • Punctual delivery
  • Cutting-edge solutions
  • Fueling up diverse industries

Our Vision

We envision to be the forefront innovator and become a globally acclaimed leader in software innovation, fostering unparalleled growth and progress for businesses worldwide. We aspire to be the driving force behind transformative digital solutions that elevate industries, rev up user experiences, and shape a future where technology empowers every aspect of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously pioneer the realm of software development, creating and delivering transformative products that redefine industry standards. With unwavering dedication, we seek to empower businesses with advanced digital solutions, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. We strive to leave an enduring impact on industries, society, and the way people interact with technology.

Our Team

Our team is a fusion of dynamic and skilled professionals who are passionate about crafting transformative technology solutions.
Comprising diverse expertise and collaborative spirits, we thrive on challenges and believe in pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional results.
Together, we are committed to driving forward innovation and creating remarkable digital experiences that exceed expectations.

Our talented team comprises:

  • Visionary software engineers

  • Creative UX/UI designers

  • Leading sales specialists

  • Creative content writers

  • Analytical business analysts

  • Meticulous quality assurance specialists

  • Dedicated project managers

From where to where

How we went from nowhere to somewhere over the years


IT Training & IT Services

Started as an IT training and IT services company and provided advanced IT services for IT aspirants.

In-house Software Products

While providing IT services, we also started planning and developing our own software products.



NearLuk & Koneqto

We continued developing NearLuk with in-house team and launched it, then started developing Koneqto.

Koneqto & Infobyt

Along with Koneqto, we started developing Infobyt with our group of in-house developers' team.



Stoxverse, F7 & FirstSurvey

We started developing Stoxverse, F7 & FirstSurvey software products with our group of in-house developers' team.

Think75 & Learner'sPride

We started developing Think75 & Learner'sPride software products with our group of in-house developers' team.


Together, we synergize our expertise and passion to
craft exceptional software solutions that redefine industry standards, ensuring
unparalleled client satisfaction and sustainable growth!